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Who can apply for the refund
Foreign non-EU tourists
Necessary conditions
  • The expense cannot be less than Eur 154.95
  • The goods must be transported outside the EU countries within three months from the date of purchase
  • The original invoice with customs stamp has to be returned to the seller within four months from the purchase date.
Types of Refunds
  • In cash at city automated teller machines of different Tax Refund companies that directly reimburse VAT on purchases. In this case the original invoice with customs stamp must be resent within 21 days
  • In cash at the airport, at the desks of any Tax Refund companies  and of Banca di Roma upon producing the original invoce with stamp
  • On credit card accounts: this alternative to cash payment can be requested to any Tax Refund company that will credit the reimbursement directly to the customer's credit card account.


Address: Via Gregoriana, 54
Telephone: 06 69923383

2. Global Blue (Global Refund)

Telephone: 800 018415 (attivo solo dall’Italia)
Web site: www.globalblue.com


Address: Via di Porta Angelica, 37 - 39
Telephone: 06 6861441


Address: Piazza di Spagna, 80
Telephone: 06 6792803


Address: Via Giuseppe Zanardelli, 34
Telephone: 0039 06 6877877
Web site: www.taxrefund.it