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Roma Servizi per la Mobilità (in its role as provider of the European Disabled Person's Identification Card for residents in the area of Roma Capitale) has extended the validity of expiring licences for whose extension has not been requested until 30 April 2021.
This has been done in response to the instructions of the Municipal Administration, following the terms of the 'Decreto Rilancio' concerning the extension of the validity of identification documents.
N.B. The substitution of the card is not provided for.


What can I do with the card?
The card allows ONLY with the disabled person on board to:
- request access to the ZTL - also online - for a maximum number of 3 motor vehicles
- use the special parking spaces (except for customised parking spaces, with special wording)
- park free of charge in the parking spaces (blue lines)
- to use, if necessary, the priority traffic routes (except for those with rails, which are closed to private vehicle traffic and reserved for scheduled public transport)
- access hospital facilities with indoor parking spaces
- access pedestrian areas, except where further specific traffic restrictions apply

Registration of the parking card
To obtain the special parking card for disabled people, the person concerned, after declaring his personal information under his own responsibility, must present one of the medical certificates issued by the medical examiner of the ASL of reference, listed below:

- medical certification prepared in accordance with Presidential Order no. 495 of 16 December 1992 updated by Presidential Order no. 610 of 16 September 1996, certifying a reduced walking ability or that the subject is blind;
- medical-legal confirmation prepared in accordance with the Law no. 102/2009 (expressly stating that the person has a significantly reduced mobility or is blind) to be submitted together with the letter signed by the Director of the competent INPS structure confirming the conclusion of the medical procedure. The aforementioned certification must be presented both in original form, for inspection by the operators, and in copy for retention on file in our offices.

A passport photo of the person submitting the application also needs to be attached.

Authorisation for the processing of sensitive details must be signed by the person making the application. If the application is submitted by a representative, it is necessary to provide a proxy in simple paper form and a copy of the valid identification documents of the person making the appointment and the representative.

The requests for the release of parking badges for disabled people can be presented:
- at the designated offices of the municipalities concerned
- at the ASL (local health authority) of the person's place of residence, through the medical examiner who issues the medical certificate
- by PEC (permessistica@pec.romamobilita.it) also by simple email (not PEC), by mail c/o Roma Servizi per la Mobilità - Piazzale degli Archivi, 40 00144 Rome, or by fax at 06 46956660.

Period of validity
The sticker will be valid for the same period as the one stated on the above-mentioned medical/legal certificate, with an additional 45 days for holders of certificates attesting to a reduction in walking ability for a period of less than 5 years.

How much it cost
For the issue of a parking card with a legal medical report confirming a marked reduction of mobility for a period of 5 years or for a longer period, the amount of the parking card is € 6.16.

If the card is issued with a legal medical report certifying that the mobility is reduced for a period of under 5 years, the fee for the card is € 22.16, in addition with a virtual € 16.00 stamp, that is paid in one single payment to the amount of the card.

How to pay
From Monday, March 1, 2021 - in order to meet the requirements of the Law Order "Semplificazione e Innovazione Digitale" (Simplification and Digital Innovation) - Roma Servizi per la Mobilità will activate the PagoPA system also for the payment of ZTL permits, disabled people badges, horse racing and NCC bus licenses.
Stamps will not be used anymore and will be included in the overall cost of what is requested.
For further details see the page: https://romamobilita.it/it/servizi/dal-1-marzo-permessi-si-pagano-solo-pagopa 

For the renovation of the badge/duplicate see the page: https://romamobilita.it/it/servizi/persone-disabili/rinnovo-duplicato-contrassegno

For any further information:
- Roma Servizi per la Mobilità S.r.l., Sportello al Pubblico - Piazzale degli Archivi n. 40
open from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 16:30
- Contact Center: 06 57003
- Toll free number 800.154.451 from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

For requests, demands, reports and complaints (concerning the collective and/or individual transport service) you can also write to: trasportodisabili@romamobilita.it
Meetings with users will be arranged on a case-by-case basis by appointment.


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