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Telephone: numero verde 800 154451
Telephone: 06 57003, lun-ven h 8.00-18.00


ATAC Infoline: 06 57003 (24 hours a day, every day, including holidays);
Toll free number: 800 154451 (Monday-Saturday: 8.00-20.00);


The accessibility to the underground Metro system is the result of the continuous improvement of infrastructures, equipment and facilities:

- On the A Line there are 39 trains in service with facilities for the disabled in wheelchairs, with loudspeaker stop alarms and automatic door opener systems;

- B Line trains are equipped with rubber barriers to secure intra-carriage spaces;

- 11 stops of the A Line, including the recently renovated Manzoni, are equipped with tactile paving and maps for the visually impaired, the remaining 15 stops with a stop code on the platforms, all elevators have Braille and raised numerals and voice announcements (Italian and English) of floor level.

- All the B Line stops are equipped with tactile paving and maps for the visually impaired, elevators have Braille and raised numerals and voice announcements (Italian and English) of floor level, whereas stairlifts are installed in the three stations devoid of lifts.

- All stations of the two lines will be upgraded to the standards of Manzoni station;

- Accessibility and safety is being redeveloped in the Termini area.

List of the metro stations providing access to people with physical disabilities or visual impairments:

Linea A  - Facilities
Battistini - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Cornelia - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Baldo degli Ubaldi - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Valle Aurelia - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Cipro-Musei Vaticani - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Ottaviano–S. Pietro*   
Elevators, tactile maps and paving (works in progress)    
Vittorio Emanuele*    
 - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
S. Giovanni*      
Re di Roma
 - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Ponte Lungo - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Furio Camillo - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Colli Albani*       
Arco di travertino*       
Porta Furba–Quadraro*     
Numidio Quadrato*    
Lucio Sestio*   
Giulio Agricola*   
 - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Cinecittà - Elevators, tactile maps and paving

Stazioni linea B  - Facilities
Rebibbia - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Ponte Mammolo - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
S.M. del Soccorso - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Pietralata - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Monti Tiburtini - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Quintiliani - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Tiburtina - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Bologna - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Policlinico - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Castro Pretorio - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Termini** - Elevators, tactile maps and paving(works in progress) 
Cavour - Sairlifts, tactile maps and paving
Colosseo - Stairlifts, tactile maps and paving
Circo Massimo - Stairlifts, tactile maps and paving
Piramide - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Garbatella - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Basilica S. Paolo - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Marconi - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Eur Magliana - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Eur Palasport - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Eur Fermi - Elevators, tactile maps and paving
Laurentina - Elevators, tactile maps and paving

* Stations without tactile paving, but with yellow truncated domes on platforms to alert people with vision impairments of their approach to hazardous drop-offs.

** The redevelopment of the Termini area was assigned after a competitive bid  in July 2008.





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