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Telephone: 0039 06 57003 (lunedì-venerdì, 8:00-18:00)

Opening times

From 18th May 2007 to 14th July and from 20th September to 20th October 2007 on Friday and saturday 9 p.m. - 3 a.m. 



Access forbidden to private cars of non-residents in the area encompassed by Lungotevere Testaccio, via Marmorata, via Galvani, via Zabaglia e via Manuzio. Only residents with permission for paying parking of XX and disabled will be admitted. Free access to motorcycles everyday, at every time of day and night, with parking allowed in the provided parking lots.  The accesses will be guarded by traffic policemen.  List of the 11 gates: - via Galvani (on the side of Marmorata); - via Nicola Zabaglia (on the side of Galvani); - via Aldo Manuzio (on the side of via lungotevere Testaccio); - via Galileo Ferraris; - via Beniamino Franklin (on the side of via lungotevere); - via Orazio Antinori; - via Romolo Gessi; - via Giovanni Branca; - via Ludovico di Vatermà; - via Giovan Battista Bodoni (on the side of via Marmorata); - via Alessandro Volta (on the side of Marmorata).


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