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Telephone: 060609 Chiamataxi (numero unico prenotazioni)


The official vehicles of the taxi service in Rome are colored white with a taxi led top light display. The Rome city council’s symbol as well as the taxi licence number are both clearly displayed on the car front doors and inside the vehicle (rear doors left).
Once on board make sure the taximeter (usually placed on the front window) is on, if not ask the driver to switch it on immediately. Always ask for the taxi receipt.
When possible, take the taxi directly from a taxi parking area or call it by phone; through radiotaxi you can book the transfer to airports, train stations and hospitals. A supplementary cost for the call will be charged.
The Rome city council’s number to call a taxi is +39 060609: a service is available in the 65 taxi ranks in operation (at least one per Municipal area). It should be noted that this service does not replace the radio-controlled taxi services, which will continue to operate with their own numbers, but is rather an addition to the pre-existing service.
060609 Call a taxi operates through a voice recognition system that recognizes street names. Once you have dialled the number (+39 060609), just follow the instructions: clearly indicate the pick up address and the system will redirect the call to the nearest taxi rank, where a taxi driver will answer your call.

A new "Chiamataxi" service started on 4 February 2013: an app available for smartphones and tablets (powered by IM.Taxi), if your call is not answered by one of the taxi ranks located in the various areas of the city, it will be answered to the nearest taxi driver, who will be able to estimate the time of arrival through the road maps loaded on the system. The service, which is available from 4 February, is free of charge until 30 April 2013. Within this lapse of time you will be able to rescind the contract. From 1 May 2013 the service is with fee (€ 15.00 + VAT per month) with a contract duration of one year.

Municipio I: 7 taxi ranks;
Municipio II: 5 taxi ranks;
Municipio III: 2 taxi ranks;
Municipio IV: 4 taxi ranks;
Municipio V: 4 taxi ranks;
Municipio VI: 1 taxi rank;
Municipio VII: 3 taxi ranks;
Municipio VIII: 1 taxi rank;
Municipio IX: 2 taxi ranks;
Municipio X: 2 taxi ranks;
Municipio XI: 3 taxi ranks;
Municipio XII: 5 taxi ranks;
Municipio XIII: 2 taxi ranks;
Municipio XV: 3 taxi ranks;
Municipio XVI: 4 taxi ranks;
Municipio XVII: 4 taxi ranks;
Municipio XVIII: 4 taxi ranks;
Municipio XIX: 4 taxi ranks;
Municipio XX: 5 taxi ranks.


PROGRESSIVE TAXI FARES (journey times based on distance). FEE PER UNIT € 0,10

Initial fixed charge on weekdays (from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm): € 3,00;
Initial fixed charge on weekends (from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm): € 4,50;
Initial fixed charge at night (from 10.00 pm to 6.00 am): € 6,50;
Time unit for speed below 20 km/h: 27,00 €/h;
T1: for speeds > 20 km/h: 1,10 €/km;
T2: for speeds > 20 km/h: 1,30 €/km;
T3: for speeds > 20 km/h: 1,60 €/km;
T1-T2 taximetric unit:  starting fee + up to an additional € 11.00;
T2 taximetric unit: T1 + up to a maximum € 13.00 fare;
T3 taximetric unit: from T2 until the end of the service;
A 10% discount on the sum indicated by the meter:
- for rides to Rome’s public hospitals;
- for women travelling alone between 10.00 pm and  6.00 am;
- on Friday and Saturday, for young people leaving clubs that have an agreement taxi drivers.
- the first piece of luggage is free of charge, then any ‘additional pieces” will cost € 1,00 per bag (max 35x25x50);
- from the fifth passenger on (vehicles carrying more than 4 people): € 1,00;
- radio taxi call charge: € 3,50;
A maximum figure of  € 70,00 is set for any rides that originate within the GRA and head directly to the Fiumicino airport, and vice versa.
Charges are shown on the meter at the end of the ride. Extra charges (additional baggage or passengers, radio taxi call, etc) may be added to the sum shown on the meter at the end of the ride.

Fiumicino Airport
-    from Fiumicino Airport to the fixed-rate-zone (inside the Aurelian Walls) and vice versa: € 48,00;
-    from Fiumicino Airport to Castello della Magliana - Parco dei Medici and vice versa: € 30,00;
-    from Fiumicino Airport to the New Fair of Rome and vice versa: € 25,00;
-    from Fiumicino Airport to Ciampino Airport and vice versa: € 50,00;
-    from Fiumicino Airport to Tiburtina Station and vice versa: € 55,00;
-    from Fiumicino Airport to Ostiense Station and vice versa: € 45,00;
-    from Fiumicino Airport to the port of Civitavecchia and vice versa: € 120,00;

Ciampino Airport
-    from Ciampino Airport to the fixed-rate-zone (inside the Aurelian Walls) and vice versa: € 30,00;
-    from Ciampino Airport to Tiburtina Station and vice versa: € 35,00;
-    from Ciampino Airport to Ostiense Station and vice versa: € 30,00;

Complaints must be be sent to Roma Capitale, Dipartimento Mobilità e Trasporti - Commissione di Garanzia, Via Capitan Bavastro n° 94, 00154 Roma.
For comments and suggestions, aimed at improving the service, please write by email to chiamataxi@agenziamobilita.roma.it.

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