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The service is free, but the phone call may not be, depending on what your phone service plan is.


Atac mobile is the natural evolution of infomobility systems in a metropolitan context. From Internet and variable message panels, the development of this type of systems in Rome has gone from information videos, installed in underground stations, in regional train stations and in buses, to direct information available to the citizen via his/her mobile phone or PDA.

Atac mobile provides access to various services:
- Traffic restrictions in ZTL's - information on areas with traffic restrictions (Zone a Traffico Limitato);
- Bus waiting times - this services gives the waiting times of buses at bus stops, based on the AVM (Automatic Vehicle Monitoring) system;
- Parking lots - it provides the number of available parking places in some of the parking lots managed by Atac. Currently the parking lot of Trastevere is online;
- Traffic bulletin - detailed information on the traffic condition in the main zones of Rome;
- Travel times - the user can receive real-time information on travel times (via the patented Atac system: UTT - Urban Travel Times) for private transport on routes over the city´s road network;
- Route planner - the service provides real-time recommendations on the best route to a destination, with details on the public transport system (underground, tram, bus) concerning, for instance, services and stops;
- Bike sharing;
- Ticket offices - this service allows the user to easily find an Atac ticket distributor. 
- Contact Atac - useful numbers for contacting the Atac service center.

The Atac Mobile system is available in two versions: an XHTML version, accessible from all mobile phones with a web browser, at the URL atacmobile.it, and a Flash version, accessible from Windows Mobile handled devices. 

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