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Dantebus Margutta


Address: Via Margutta, 38/A
Zone: Rione Campo Marzio (P.Spagna-P.Popolo-Pincio) (Roma centro)


Opening times

For opening hours please consult the official website


Dantebus Edizioni opened in November 2020 its first Art Gallery in Rome, in via Margutta, 38/A.

The Dantebus Margutta Gallery is not the result of a sudden choice, but of a dream that started far away.
In May 2016 Dantebus launched online its social for artists (writers and poets - photographers - painters - cartoonists - digital artists), innovative, multilevel, universal, without barriers, all made in Italy, which has been a great success with the public. The social site, which today has around 100,000 registered artists with 4000/5000 unique accesses per day, is totally free.

The Dantebus publishing house was created by combining traditional quality publishing (books are made with high quality paper and wire binding) with technological development (personalised Apps for each artist, 3D Virtual Galleries, avant-garde Personalised Sites, video poetry).

What was missing was a physical art venue where Dantebus could meet and exhibit its artists. For this reason, it became necessary to open an Art Gallery. This is how the Dantebus Gallery was born in via Margutta, "the artists' street" par excellence, a locus amoenus by tradition, which has an "out of time" aspect that smells of human history.
Galleria Margutta, which is also a bookshop/art book, is itself a work of art.


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