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Archaeological Box on the Aventine Hill


Address: Piazza Albania, 35
Zone: Rione Ripa (Circo Massimo-Bocca Verità-Aventino) (Roma centro)
punto di ritrovo


Opening times

Open from 7 May 2021


Tours will be possible for groups made up of a maximum of 6 people.
Access path for the physically disabled with minimal limitations.
Booking the visit is possible exclusively online.

Full ticket 11€:

Reduced ticket 8€:
Between 12 and 17 years old and for EU Citizens between 18 and 25

Free ticket:
Under 12

Modalità di partecipazione: Booking required


The earliest archaeological evidence of human activity in this area dates back to the time of Rome’s foundation in the 8th century BCE. Between the 6th and 3rd centuries BCE a tufa block wall – possibly belonging to a watchtower – was incorporated into the fortifications whose monumental remains are still visible today in both Piazza Albania and Via di Sant’Anselmo. Subsequent building activity at the end of the 3rd century BCE, raised the floor level yielding a soil fill rich with pottery sherds of that period. In the middle of the 2nd century BCE a domus (Latin for “house”) began to take shape within a massive opus incertum structure (small, irregular blocks inserted into thick mortar to create a crude masonry surface on a rubble or concrete wall), signaling a shift in the use of this area, from military to residential.

For the enhancement of this extraordinary complex, the Special Superintendency of Rome, with funding provided by BNP Paribas Real Estate, has created an “archaeological box”, an architectural environment in which the wall and floor structures have been relocated and repositioned alongside the other layers brought to light in the excavation process. The evocative multimedia reconstructions of Paco Lanciano and the voice of Piero Angela greet the visitors on this exciting journey into the past.


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