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Gigi Proietti Globe Theatre Silvano Toti


Address: Largo Aqua Felix
Zone: Quartiere Pinciano (Roma centro)
Adiacente Piazza di Siena


Telephone: 338 9104467 (botteghino 10.00-12.00/15.00-19.00)

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Info 060608
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Number of seats: 1250


The Silvano Toti Globe Theatre is the Elizabethan Theatre of Rome within the "museum park" in Villa Borghese. It arose from an intuition of Gigi Proietti, thanks to the generosity of the Silvano Toti Foundation and the commitment and undertaking of the Town Council of Rome.

The Theatre, which recreates the typical "big wooden O" of the original one, intends to be a place where creativity and fantasy of both italian artists and foreing ones are to be issued, in a many-sided discipline perspective, but also a stage suited for Elizabethan productions likely to exalt the successful neatness and architectural line of it.

The Silvano Toti GLOBE THEATRE of Rome was designed according to the project of the London one, which was open in the southern zone of the City, Shoreditch, in 1599. Its peculiarity lies in the circular structure, with a rectangular stage coverd by a roof sustained by two pillars.

Bulit in only four months thanks to the effort of 150 masters, the Theatre has a seating capacity of 1250 and it's made of 420 standing seats in the stalls and of three sheltered circles up to the height of ten metres from the ground. All the circles overllook in a concentric row the stage, which is 13,50 metres wide and 7,50 metres deep.

As well as the Elizabethan one, also the GLOBE of Rome is made up of wood, and for its realization 600 mc of oak has been used, issued from forests "managed" and therefore reafforested, carved and manufactured in sawmills of Central Italy. The roof is shingled by cooper battens.
Charming "corral" for live performances surrounded by the historical-enviromental frame of a long loved Villa in Rome, therefore very popular and "lived-in" both by young citizens and grown ones, the Theatre combines experiment and tradiction in the perspective of making a different audience, for age and formation, get on well togheter, with a cultural purpose open-minded and cultured in the most populare sense of the term.


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