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Fontana del Mosè

Typology: Fountains


Address: Piazza San Bernardo
Zone: Rione Castro Pretorio (Porta Pia) (Roma centro)



The fountain of Moses was designed and built in 1587 by Domenico Fontana, Sixtus the Fifth Peretti’s (1585-1590) favourite architect and author of many of the building enterprises undertaken by the “papa tosto” (the strong-minded pope) to renovate the appearance of the City at the end of the sixteenth century. The fountain is the fountain of the Acqua Felice, the aqueduct that Sixtus the Fifth (in the world Felice Peretti) brought to the Quirinal, Viminal and Esquiline Hills, where incidentally his large suburban villa was located, partly reusing the ancient Aqua Alexandrina.The large statue of Moses that gives the name to the fountain is placed within the niche in the central arch.The work is by Leonardo Sormani and Prospero Antichi and was not very muchappreciated from its first appearance. The bas-reliefs in the side niches both represent  biblical subjects and are works by Flaminio Vacca on the right, and Giovanni Battista della Porta on the left. An unusually large attic contains a long epigraph celebrating the work, surmounted by the pope’s coat of arms with the two Fames on the sides, also by F. Vacca and G. B. della Porta. The four lions below are copies of Egyptian originals kept in the Vatican Museums

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