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Date: from 2017-05-02

Opening times

Departure time: 9.00  - daily 
Duration: 3 Hours

Meeting/Arrival point: Arch of Constantine
Sites included: Colosseum - Roman Forums - Palatine Hill
Max Group size: 12 partecipants

Also tours available only from the outside of the Colosseum.


Address: Via di San Gregorio
Zone: Rione Celio (Terme di Caracalla) (Roma centro)


Modalità di partecipazione: Booking required

Agreement with

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Wear Oculus VR and go back into the history of Ancient Rome!
With Virtual Reality you will have a complete immersion in the three Colosseum areas at the height of its splendor. Explore the crowded square by Roman spectators and walk among the magnificent gilded statue of Nero, the Temple of Venus and Roma and the Meta Sudans fountain. Live the fighting of the gladiators in the arena, between the roar of ferocious lions and gladiator combat, and decide the fate of the injured opponent. Walk inside the Underground where slaves move around silently to prepare and coordinate all the paraphernalia necessary to make the show a success.

Only the three-dimensional reconstructions of ancient monuments can offer a comprehensive understanding of their history and allow you to “see” and “live” the life of Roman people as if you were travelling back into ancient times, experiencing in this way a multimedia and multisensory virtual tour experience.

Once finished your adventure inside the Colosseum, the tour guide will take you through the triumph of the emperors: what we call Roman Forums are simply the squares built by the rulers of the Empire to glorify their power.

Passing directly from Roman Forum you will find out Palatine hill, and The House of Romulus – founder of Rome. This open air museum is one of the seven hills of Rome which provides the history of the Roman settlements displaying houses, temples and many other places of daily life.


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