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Date: from 2023-03-03 to 2023-03-05

Opening times

March 12th, 2017

7.30 – Gathering of the runners at the starting gate, Palalottomatica ( Roma Eur )

First start at 9.15


Appointment: Piazzale dello Sport, 1
Zone: Quartiere Europa EUR (Roma sud)
Luogo del ritrovo e della partenza (Palazzo dello Sport, ex Palalottomatica)


ONLINE: Following the directions on www.romaostia.it, you may register online making online credit card payments, or offline by bank transfer or at the post office
The official deadline is 16th February 2017

Until to 29/09/2016  27,00 euro
Until to 29/09/2016 using credit card.  26,00 euro
From 30/09/2016 to 01/12/2016.  32,00 euro
From 30/09/2016 to 01/12/2016 using credit card.  31,00 euro
From 02/12/2016 to 16/02/2017.  37,00 euro
From 02/12/2016 to 16/02/2017 using credit card.  36,00 euro

IMPORTANT: it is the amount to be paid on the date of payment and not the date of enrollment in the race.
 x: if you have registered before December 01 but you pay after 2016 December 01 you will have to pay to make a deposit of 37 euros instead of 32.

Payments may be made using the following methods:
• cash: at RomaOstia S.r.l., Viale Marco Polo 104, 00154 Roma ( Roma Ostiense underground )
• by bank transfer (bank charges are on the payer ) : to the favour of A.S.D. Gruppo Sportivo Bancari Romani – c/c UNICREDIT dell’agenzia ROMA PADRE SEMERIA (30654)
IBAN CODE: IT 62 J 02008 05239 000102572012
• by credit card: following the directions on our website
N.B. Remember to include the name of the athlete or athletes on the behalf of whom the payment is intended in the space provided for reason for payment TOGETHER WITH THE ASSIGNED REGISTRATION NUMBER
Incomplete registration forms will not be accepted.
Registration fees are not refundable.

From 1st October 2016 within 10 days of your registration, you will be able to check on the status of your registration online. Go to the website www.romaostia.it, by typing in your name.
Entrants who provided an e-mail address in the application form will receive a confirmation e-mail, also communicating your race number ( after February 16th )

Modalità di partecipazione: Registration required



The 43rd Edition of Romaostia Half Marathon will take place on Sunday, March 12th with first start at 9.15. Runners will gather at the starting point, Roma EUR – Palalottomatica. The finish line is at Piazzale Cristoforo Colombo, at the roundabout in Ostia.


Athletes non-residing in Italy must be 18 or older on the race day. In order to register for the race, these athletes must provide one of the following documents:

1) Athletes members of club affiliated with foreign athletics associations recognized by IAAF must send a scanned copy of their membership card by e-mail to info@romaostia.it.
The membership card must be valid on the date of RomaOstia Half Marathon 2017; it must comply with all the rules and regulations on road running enforced in the athlete’s country of residence upon registration.
2) In compliance with the Italian law for safety in sports, athletes who do not hold a Iaaf membership card can participate with theRuncard which is the Fidal (The Italian Athletics Federation) card that includes an insurance policy against injuries (which is compulsory in Italy) and other benefits. It’s valid for 12 months and it costs 15€. In conjunction with the medical certificate for competitive athletics, the card allows you to participate in competitive running events in Italy without the need of the membership card of an Iaaf-licensed club.
During your registration you can choose to subscribe Runcard -> In the options page click on (YES)

Foreign athletes residing in Italy must have the same requirements of Italian athletes (must be members of a Fidal e Eps Sports Club – please, read the Italian rules).
1)Athletes registered in associations affiliated with FIDAL and other CIP Federations (for disabled athletes’ categories). The athlete must supply a copy of the renewal registration in FIDAL for 2017, or other CIP membership card (for disabled athletes’ categories). If registration takes place before renewal of membership, the athlete shall in any case send a copy of FIDAL 2017 renewal or a substitute declaration, written on their Association’s letterhead and signed by the Association’s Chairman as soon as possible. Scanned copies of all documents can be emailed to info@romaostia.it
2) Athletes who are not member of Fidal who have a Runcard along with a medical certificate for competitive athletics.

Bib numbers will be assigned automatically according to 2016 Roma-Ostia official time or (if case you didn’t run the previous year) according to your best time in a half marathon in 2016-2017 (once verified). If the information regarding your best time is incomplete or false you will be assigned a bib number for the last grid.
The organizing committee is not able to change bib numbers once they have been assigned.

At the starting line, the runners will be divided into 6 grids according to their bib numbers. Each grid’s bibs will be of a different colour.

You may pick up your race pack, bib and chip at the Expo during the three days leading up to the race. All runners must pick up their race kits by the end of the Expo on Saturday.
Entrants unable to personally pick up their race kits may delegate someone else providing them with a signed note and a copy of their ID and their valid club membership card or equivalent.
No one will be permitted to collect their kit on the day of the race.

The organizing committee has arranged to have 20 trucks to transport the bags provided by organization from the starting line in Rome to the finish line in Ostia for you to claim after the race. You will be given a special bag that has the same number as your bib along with your race kit. Once you have done so, check your bag in by taking it to the assigned baggage truck by 8:45 a.m. the morning of the race. The race organizers will take extreme care in the collection and handling of all bags, but are not responsible for lost or broken items. This service is free of charge.

Shuttle buses with hostesses will be provided to take runners from the Official Hotels to the starting line and, at the end of the race, from the Finish line to the Hotels. This service has a cost of € 12.00 and can be paid along with the application.

Timing, standing and ranking will be processed with the Timing Data Service system, through an electronic chip applied on the bib number. Entrants will receive the chip along with the race pack.
Don’t move the chip!!! Athletes who run without their chip, will not be timed, and will not be included in the Official Ranking. Race participants must return their chips to the volunteers after the finish line. Those who fail to do so must return it by no later than March 31, 2017. Should you fail to return the chip by that date, there will be a E 18.00 fine to pay. The Sporting clubs are responsible for their athletes’ chips.

• The first 10 km must be completed within 90 minutes.
• The first 15km must be completed within 135 minutes.
• The outside time limit for race completion is 3 hours. All athletes that complete the race within that time will be awarded a medal.
• The race organizers cannot guarantee that the roads will remain completely closed to traffic after these times. Soon after you cross the finish line, a volunteer will place a medal around your neck.

Official stations with water and sports drinks can be found along the route. Sponge station will also be provided should the weather be fitting. At finish line there will be water, hot tea, sport drinks and more at the refreshment stand.

There will be professional athletes running as Pacers wearing signs to identify their forecasted time
who will run at a steady pace to help runner make the time they are aiming for. If you have questions about pacemakers, you can write to pacemaker@romaostia.it or consult the website (www.romaostia.it)

There will be cash prizes for the men who place amongst the top 20 men and the women who place amongst the top 20.
Sporting goods  will be awarded on the day of the race between 11:30 am and 1pm.. Those who do not collect their prizes the day of the race may do so on Monday the 14th of March at the offices of G.S. Bancari Romani. They will not be shipped at the expense of the race organizers.
Other Awards
The awards for Sport Clubs and Categories will be announced later.
The outside time limit for race completion is 3 hours. All athletes that complete the race within that time will be awarded a medal.

Romaostia has special price agreements with several establishments four stars hotels for the athletes who register and those who travel with them.
For information you can contact the company: Roma Ostia srl
Tel.331 9203662 – FAX: 0657136147 – E-mail: hotel@romaostia.it

From the official Hotels you can find a Shuttle Bus Service.
Shuttle bus with hostess will be provided to take runners from the Official Hotels to the starting line and, at the end of the race, from the Finish line to the Hotels.

In the hotels you will find a Romaostia Information Desk

For further information about the race you can contact:
A.S.D. Gruppo Sportivo Bancari Romani
Phone: +39 06 57288029
Fax: +39 06 57136147
E-mail: info@romaostia.it


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