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Date: from 2023-09-25 to 2023-10-01

Opening times

From 29 September to 1 October 2023

44th Ryder Cup postponed by a year due to health emergency


Address: Via di Marco Simone, 82
Zone: Settecamini (Roma est)
Presso il Marco Simone Golf & Country Club


Telephone: 06 3231825 Federazione Italiana Golf
Web site: www.federgolf.it
Web site: www.rydercup.com


It is not only the most prestigious golf competition but also the third most important and most watched sporting event in the world after the Olympics and the World Cup. Italy has won the right to host the Ryder Cup 2023, and therefore with the 44th edition of the Ryder Cup, history, tradition and charm will be on stage in Rome:

The competition will take place in Rome and the official venue will be the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, a Capitoline club owned by the Biagiotti family. Located in the vicinity of Rome, the design of the course has been remodelled not only to create pitfalls and challenges for the world's strongest players, but also to enhance the natural undulating terrain of the landscape.
This will ensure that spectators will enjoy unparalleled views of play on the course and distant glimpses of the Eternal City, including spectacular views of St Peter's Basilica and the Castello di Marco Simone, which together will form the backdrop to the greatest team golf competition.

For Italian golf, being able to organise the 2023 Ryder Cup is a historic success, which will mark its entry through the front door into the world's elite of the sport. The victory takes on even greater significance when one considers the level of the opponents that have been beaten in the race to obtain the right to host the 2023 Ryder Cup: these are countries with a great golfing tradition such as Germany, Spain and Austria, not to mention Denmark and Turkey, which decided to withdraw their candidature after some time.

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