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Date: 2018-09-23

Opening times

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Meeting point: 7:30 at Piazza S. Pietro

Start time: Half Marathon 9:00am

Start time: Non-competitive race 5Km 9:30am


Address: Via della Conciliazione
Zone: Rione Borgo (Castel Sant'Angelo) (Roma centro)
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Italian and foreign athletes not registered in Italy is limited to persons 18 years and older in possession of one of the following requirements:
•Athletes with club card affiliated Foreign Athletics Federations recognized by the IAAF . As an alternative, during the Act of registration, they must show:
•A self-certification of possession of the card recognized by the IAAF. The application form will then, however, be signed in original, at the moment of retiring the bib.
•Athletes Runcard holders (valid as sports insurance, and license to compete), is limited to persons 20 years and older. Participation is subject to:
1.a) the presentation of a valid medical certificate specific to competitive athletics, it must be shown to the organizers in the original, in copy, to the acts of the organizer of all events.

The medical certificate for non-resident foreign people can be made in their own Country, but the same tests must be done under the provisions of the Italian law: a) medical examination; b) complete urine examination; c) ECG at rest and after effort; d) spirography.
1.b) the check of the validity of a medical certificate specific to competitive athletics made by the organizer through Runcard database.
2.c) the check of the validity of a medical certificate specific to competitive athletics made by the organizer through the app downloaded on any electronic device.


Registration can be done online on www.romahalfmarathon.org site and payment can be made with one of the methods below:
•Payment by credit card (on this site romahalfmarathon.org)
•Payment by Paypal
•Bank transfer: indicating the surname and the name of the person being registered in the details.

IBAN IT 26 H 05584 03200 00000000 3758
BIC BPM IITMMXXX ( For other Countries )

For information: iscrizioni@romahalfmarathon.org


Registrations for the competitive race must be made by midnight on Monday, September 11, 2017.
For cardholders the entry fee is € 30,00.
For non-cardholders the entry fee is € 30,00., with the RUNCARD.
The registrations for the non-competitive race must be made on line by 18.00 Thursday 14 September 2017 and up to Saturday, September 16 at 18.00 directly at the Rome Half Marathon Village Via Pacis at Piazza del Popolo.
For non-competitive race the entry fee is € 10,00.

For further details please visit www.fidal.it/content/Rome-Half-Marathon-Via-Pacis-Rules/106416

Modalità di partecipazione: Registration required



Half Marathon Via Pacis

Peace, integration, solidarity: these are the fundamentals that inspired the "Rome Half Marathon VIA PACIS", an event promoted by Rome Capitale and by the Pontifical Council for Culture, the dicastery of the Holy See, in collaboration with the FIDAL - the Italian Athletics Federation - with the patronage of the CONI and of the CIP.

The first edition will take place on Sunday 17th September, with departure at 9 a.m. from Piazza San Pietro, and will be open to all those who, through this great sporting popular event, want to say No to violence, No to racism, No discrimination of any kind and origin. That’s why, on the streets of the Capital, women, men, families, old and young people, children, sportsmen, people with disabilities, but also refugees will run, each one with his bib number, each one with his message of peace that will release, when arrive at the finish line, in some transparent columns that symbolize the columns of peace. The phrases and the testimonies collected will be published later in the book "Via Pacis"

Inspired by the traditional pilgrimage of the seven churches, the "VIA PACIS" will create an ideal link between some of the places of worship and emblematic of the capital.
Five stages that will highlight the participation of the various religious confessions: San Pietro, the Synagogue, the Mosque, the Waldensian church and the Orthodox Church, in two walking route from distance equivalent to a half marathon of 21,097 km for competitive and 5 km for the non-competitive.

The race will be broadcast live on RAI Sport.


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