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Date: 2019-12-27

Opening times

December 27 2019, h 20.30

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Address: Via Nazionale, 16/a
Zone: Rione Monti (Colosseo-S.Giovanni-S.Maria Maggiore) (Roma centro)
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Act 1
In the 16th century, in Mantova, Italy, in the house of the Duke who is lubricious, a daughter of Count Monterone fell for the Duke’s sweet talk. The Count was angry with the Duke. Rigoletto, who is a clown and the Duke’s retainer, makes Count Monterone a laughing stock. The Count says to Rigoletto, “You have a laugh about father’s  torment. You’ll be damned.” Rigoletto is upset by Monterone’s curse, because he has a secret daughter. Unfortunately, Rigoletto’s daughter, Gilda, has already met with the Duke at the church. The Duke tells a lie to Gilda, he pretends to be a poor student. Gilda falls in love with him. Then, the Duke’s subordinates kidnap Gilda for their boss
Act 2
Rigoletto finds out that his daughter is kidnapped. When Rigoletto goes to the Duke’s house, he bumps into his daughter there. Gilda explains to her father that she has really fallen in love, but strangers forced her to go to the Duke yesterday, and she was insulted by him. Rigoletto is angry with the Duke, and so decides to kill him.
Act 3
In a seedy pub in the suburbs, the Duke attempts to seduce Maddalena who is a sister of the manager, Sparafucile. Rigoletto requests Sparafucile to kill the Duke for a large
sum of money. Sparafucile attempts to kill the Duke, but Maddalena stops him, because she has also fallen in love with the Duke. Sparafucile tells her that he has already received money, so he needs a substitute. Gilda has heard this talk between Sparafucile and Maddalena. Gilda makes up her mind to become his substitute. Rigoletto receives a bag from Sparafucile, being told it is the Duke’s body. Rigoletto checks the body and finds it is his daughter’s body. He is shocked and disappointed. The curse has been realized.

Rigoletto, the Duke's jester, baritone – Andrea Carnevale
Gilda, his daughter, soprano – Mariangela Cafaro
Duke of Mantua, tenore – Andrea Villa
Sparafucile, an assassin, bass – Donato Martini
Maddalena, his sister, contralto – Olivia Andreini
Giovanna, Gilda's Nurse, mezzo-soprano – Elisabetta Basirico
Matteo Borsa, a courtier, tenor – Delfo Paone
Count Monterone, baritone – Giuseppe Milli
Marullo, baritone – Enrico Paoletti
Conductor – Americo Caretti
Artistic Director, costumes and direction – Minea De Mattia
Choirmaster – Antonio Ascani
Choir – Opera in Roma
Strings and wind orchestra and piano
Orchestra di archi, fiati e pianoforte


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