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Date: from 2021-09-25 to 2021-11-14

Opening times

from 25 September to 14 November 2021

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admission free

Modalità di partecipazione: Free entrance



Fourteen interventions by Erwin Wurm, the internationally renowned Austrian artist, make up the Via Veneto Contemporanea, curated by Catherine Loewe, a free open-air exhibition in the street of La Dolce Vita, from the Aurelian Walls to the most iconic points of the street.

Yesterday, set of films that have contributed to the collective imagination. Today, the scene of contemporary art installations. The street of La Dolce Vita is once again a major protagonist of the Roman cultural scene, between art and cinema. Consecrated by the big screen with Fellini's masterpiece, today Via Veneto is a creative, lively and vital space, open to the new, thanks to a full calendar of events, designed to enhance its history and discover the ferments of the present, thus projecting its scenery, its atmosphere, its suggestions into the future. So here is Via Veneto Contemporanea, an open-air exhibition of works by Erwin Wurm, Austrian artist of international fame, and, to precede and introduce it, from the 23rd, at Casa del Cinema, Via Veneto Ieri e oggi, a programme of ad hoc screenings that retrace the "myth" of the Dolce Vita.

The memories of city life, the imagery nourished by the films and the new exhibition itinerary, which sees art occupy public spaces, going beyond the areas usually designated for it, ensuring a dynamic and completely safe exhibition experience. And "surprising" visitors, enthusiasts, as well as the curious and simple passers-by. The aim is to offer unusual "glimpses" of the street and, through it, of the city, and to invite Romans to rediscover the area, in the strength of its memories, but also, to date less investigated, in the energy of its contemporaneity.

Among the "Performative Sculptures", the so-called "Pocket Sculptures", also three large bronze figures of the series "Sculptures in Half" painted pink, in the shade of chewing gum, there are fourteen interventions by Erwin Wurm, which, from 25 September to 14 November, will make up the path of "Via Veneto Contemporanea", curated by Catherine Loewe, a free open-air exhibition, in the street of Dolce Vita, from the Aurelian Walls to the most iconic points of the street.  

The exhibition is the first urban installation by Wurm in Rome and is promoted by Roma Culture, Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali.  

Contemporary art thus becomes a way of reinterpreting well-known scenarios through unusual suggestions that turn the spotlight on the city, capturing new views. 

And that's not all. On the occasion of the exhibition, in fact, Casa del Cinema, on September 23, will dedicate a special program of screenings and meetings, with free admission, to the myth of the "Dolce Vita" (free admission subject to availability).


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