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Date: from 2019-10-26 to 2019-12-31



The culture season in Rome this autumn kicks off with a series of major international events that reach a peak in the week of 10 to 16 October 2016 with the new Quadriennale, the Rome Cinema Fest, the Romaeuropa Festival, Maker Faire and the inauguration of the new layouts at the GNAM, alongside the initiatives being run by the MACRO and the MAXXI and the start of augmented reality at the Ara Pacis – seven whole days devoted to the production of contemporary art, music, dance, innovation, theatre and the cinema specifically devised to open up new prospects and new perspectives for Rome's residents and visitors alike.

The "Assessorato alla Crescita Culturale di Roma Capitale", the city council's cultural affairs office, has seized this opportunity to start imparting a higher profile to the contemporary panorama –  in which the city is extraordinarily rich but of which it is often relatively unaware – and, at the same time, to start laying the groundwork for cooperation among the cultural institutions that devote their energies to the culture and creativity of our own day. The result is CONTEMPORANEAMENTE ROMA, which in this initial phase takes the shape of advanced coordination between the various players involved with the support of the Azienda Speciale Palaexpo, but which aims as of next year to become the brand name of an October season that the capital will be dedicating to all things contemporary in an effort to shine the spotlight on the fruit of new and advanced levels of cooperation among institutional and other players working on the growth and dissemination of contemporary culture and creativity.

The pivotal moment is the 16th Quadriennale at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, which will be placing Rome and the Palazzo itself back at the very heart of the debate on contemporary art in Italy – a panorama stretching from the present to the future that is strongly and effectively bound up with the new boost to the Galleria Nazionale, where the oustanding collection's new layout highlights its crucial role in fuelling the artistic output of the 20th century and beyond.

In that sense, CONTEMPORANEAMENTE ROMA is designed to foster the emergence of a system of cultural institutions that is absolutely unique in Italy –  institutions with different schedules and different histories yet coming together today to map out a new way forward. The MACRO, the MAXXI, the Ara Pacis, the Galleria Nazionale and the Quadriennale form a group of unquestioned excellence that helps today to design a broader and more stratified panorama of the memory of a seemingly endless present in the capital.

In addition to all of this, we have the Rome Cinema Fest whose close bond with this entire system is borne out primarily by its strong, structured cooperation with the MAXXI and with the Romaeuropa Festival. The latter festival, in its turn, is increasingly closely bound up – in that part of its programme devoted chiefly to experimentation in the field of new artistic languages – with the MACRO museum, which that same week will be holding an exhibition at its Testaccio branch and, in particular, in the La Pelanda area, entitled Digital Life featuring a special performance by the Forced Entertainment Company of Complete works: Table Top Shakespeare.

This group of initiatives is completed by Maker Faire whose European edition is now held on a stable basis in Rome which, among other things, can boast of consolidated cooperation with the Cinema Festival and which will be using CONTEMPORANEAMENTE ROMA to build a bridge between the production of culture and the applied creativity that will be one of the most important themes for debate in the immediate future.

So October 2016 will witness the birth of the inner core of a network fated to grow over time in order to embrace other forms of creativity, production and cultural initiative speaking the language of the present and telling the world that Rome is not just a capital of cultural heritage but also a capital of cultural life – thanks also to a dedicated website that comes on line today in two languages, Italian and English: www.contemporaneamenteroma.it.

CONTEMPORANEAMENTE ROMA is the first step in changing the way we look at the cultural life of the city, so outstanding and so unique in the world by virtue of its history yet which needs to find new energy and verve also from the culture and beauty of today's art if it is to forge a path for itself leading into the future.

Coordinated by the Azienda Speciale Palaexpo with the support of the Dipartimento Attività Culturali e Turismo di Roma Capitale, the project is the result of cooperation between the: Fondazione La Quadriennale di Roma, Fondazione Cinema per Roma, Fondazione Romaeuropa - Arte e Cultura, Camera di Commercio di Roma – Innova Camera, Fondazione MAXXI, MiBACT and the Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali.


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