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Telephone: 0774 332920
Web site: www.levillae.com
Telephone purchase: 06 39967900 (tutti i giorni dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 14.00)

Opening times

Monday 18 and 25 April open all day.
On the following Tuesday open from 14.00 to 19.45.

From 1st April to 18th September 2022

8.45 -19.45 (ticket office closes at 18.45)
Monday from 14.00 - 19.45 (ticket office closes at 18.45)
On Bank Holiday Mondays the opening hours are 8.45 to 19.45 and on the following Tuesday from 14.00 to 19.45

For updates and guidelines please check at opening times and tickets.

People with disabilities
The villa is equipped with elevators and electrical vehicles to provide access to the gardens and fountains. 
A reservation is required at 07743 35850. The service is free of charge.


€ 10,00 full
€ 13,00 full price with exhibitions
€ 2,00 reduced
€ 6,00 reduced proximity - € 6.50 reduced proximity with exhibitions
€ 8,00 full Speciale Rosso in the evening
€ 2,00 Reduced Speciale Rosso in the evening
€ 15,00 integrated Villa d'Este with exhibition + Sanctuary of Ercole Vincitore
€ 4,00 reduced integrated Villa d'Este with exhibition + Sanctuary of Ercole Vincitore
Free according to current legislation
€ 25,00 Full Villae Pass
€ 6,00 Reduced Villae Pass
Free Villae Pass according to the law
All reductions on the > official website

Scheduled events

Villae Film Festival (Cinema) from 2022-07-04 to 2022-07-24

Current manifestations

Arene di Roma Estate 2022 (Manifestations) from 2022-06-01 to 2022-09-30


Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001, the villa grounds include a masterpiece of Italian garden design with an amazing concentration of fountains, nymphaea, grottoes, water themes and a organ which produces audible effects created by water.

This is the place where, disillusioned at not having been elected as Pope, Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este revived the splendour of the courts of Ferrara, Rome and Fointanebleau, and brought the magnificence of Villa Adriana back to life. Governor of Tivoli from the year 1550, he soon toyed with the idea of creating a garden on the slope of the Valle gaudente, but it was only after 1560 that the architectural and iconological aspects of the Villa, designed by painter-archaeologist-architect Pirro Ligorio and built by court architect Alberto Galvani, became clear. The palace was decorated by the protagonists of late Roman Mannerism.

The Villa had almost been completed by the time Ippolito d’Este died in 1572. Further work in the 17th century was followed by a period of decline, until Cardinal Gustav Adolf von Hohenlohe refurbished the old grandeur and even hosted musician Ferenc Liszt (1811-1886). Purchased by the Italian government between the Twenties and Thirties of the last century, the Villa was renovated and opened to the public.

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