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Opening times


FROM 25 MARCH 2016 TO 8 JANUARY 2017

COMPLETE SCHEDULE https://www.magicland.it/Orari

Opening times may change without notice.


How to get to "Magicland" https://www.magicland.it/#!/Come-arrivare


Price list and online booking: https://shop.magicland.it/Vendita/Parco

Agreement with

Roma Pass
What the agreement provides:

Discount on full price and reduced, children less than 1 m free.


Rainbow MagicLand is the amusement park placed in Rome – Valmontone (20 minutes by car from the Capital),  opened to the public since the 26th May 2011. Rainbow MagicLand spreads over an area of 600.000 square meters and is going to compete with the main European amusement parks.  It’s an initiative designed and realized by Alfa Park, a company placed in Brescia, specialized in entertainment industry, founder of “Miragica – Terra dei Giganti” (Giants Land), an amusement park in Molfetta (BA), opened in April 2009.
Magic is the main feature of Rainbow MagicLand, an amusement park for families. In the park the guest will feel a unique experience: a real ”trip” in a fantastic land, among enchanted castles, brave vikings, magic fairies, powerful wizards and clever adventurers, where the guest will be completely absorbed by a magic, multi-dimensional environment, beyond  reality. Big sets and little details make Rainbow MagicLand an amusement park unique in the world. The collaboration with Rainbow Group brings to this amazing park characterization of some areas of the complex – 6 areas of 24 on the whole – which are inspired by some famous characters such as Winx, Monster Allergy, Huntik and PopPixie, while other areas are characterized for a young public and families.
Rainbow MagicLand main attractions and Huntik5D: the unique amusement ride in the world. Passing through the main entrance and walking down the main street, guests are involved in the magic atmosphere of Rainbow MagicLand Park, characterized by fantastic architectures which bring  them in its enchanted world. In the middle of the park, a big artificial lake isn’t only a scenographic element and a theater where take place catchy shows, but also “core” of some of the main attractions of the park.
There are 35 attractions, one of them unique in the world: we talk about Huntik5D, inspired by the homonymous series. In this ride guests are personally involved in a brave adventure inside the Earth. In addition there are other attractions with elements never seen before in Italy: “Shock” which throw passengers at a high speed of 100 km/h in 3 seconds, “ Mystica” of over 70 meters high and “Cagliostro”, an attraction unique in Italy with fast and turning sections. In the park, there is also “Il Castello di Alfea”, super modern planetarium used also as a 4D cinema. There is also a large number of attractions for families, 2 theaters, a multifunctional centre and 15 attractions for kids.

Key features
Total area: 600.000 square meters, with 50.000 covered square meters area
Parking: 5.500 car places
N° Visitors at its full potential: 3 million per year
Employment at its full potential: 2.000 workers
N° attractions: 35, one of them unique in the world
N° theaters: 2 + 1 multifunctional centre
N° rest stop: 28 (5 restaurants).

Getting there: https://www.magicland.it/#!/Come-arrivare.



» Accessible to disabled people
» Bar
» Cafeteria
» Equipped Playing Area for Children
» Restaurant
» WC

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