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Typology: Church closed for worship


Address: Via di Porta San Sebastiano, 7
Zone: Quartiere Appio Latino (Roma sud)
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It is located on Via Porta San Sebastiano inside Vigna Pallavicini and was discovered by Mariano Armellini during the second half of C. XIX. The name derives from the fact that the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus ("Sette Dormienti" in Italian, hence the name) already prayed here before 1000; they then became newly popular during C. XVIII by an initiative by Clemente XI who ordered the restoration of the Oratory and promoted its veneration. The interior is accessible via a door surmounted by an architrave in which equilateral crosses are sculptured. It as a vaulted ceiling. The back wall shows a semi-rounded niche at the bottom, in which an image of the Archangel Gabriel is portrayed, while on the two lateral walls there is a seat. In the upper lunette you can notice the bust of Christ surrounded by two lines of angels. In the one at the bottom, to the left, the local purchaser is portrayed with his wife: his name, Beno, recalling that of some frescoes from the lower Basilica of San Clemente, lets us date the Oratory around the second half of C. XI. Other paintings are under the figures of these characters and on the wall to the right. The exterior has been modified by successive constructions while the antique plan has been recuperated through a restoration in 1962.
Notes: Visit upon request