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Typology: Non Parish Church


Address: Via Tomacelli, 132
Zone: Rione Campo Marzio (P.Spagna-P.Popolo-Pincio) (Roma centro)
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Telephone: 06 99694410

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It was probably built during the second half of theXV century and dedicated to San Girolamo. It was united to the hospice created to receive the fugees from Illyria and Slavonia. It was donated by Nicholas V to the Slavic Congregation ("schiavoni" being a corruption of the term "slave"). In 1588, Sixtus V  had it restored by Martino Longhi the old. Today the church is property of the Croatian government. The facade, made by Martino Longhi, has a late Renaissance style. It is made of travertine and it is divided into two orders. The lower order has a portal with four lateral niches. The upper order has a large window with a triangular gable on top. The interior has a Latin cross plan with three chapels on each side and a fake dome painted by Andrea Lilio (1555-1610).
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