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Typology: Non Parish Church


Address: Via di San Teodoro, 7
Zone: Rione Ripa (Circo Massimo-Bocca Verità-Aventino) (Roma centro)
II°Vicariato Arcivescovile


Telephone: 06 6786624
Web site: www.ortodossia.it/w/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=82:san-teodoro-in-palatino&catid=42:i-vicariato-italia-centrale-e-lazio&lang=it

Opening times

For the timetable of the masses and visiting conditions, please consult the contacts.


The Church of St Theodore on the Palatine is an Orthodox place of worship in Rome, located along the ancient street (now bearing the same name) that runs under the north-western slopes of the Palatine from the Forum to the Circus Maximus and the Forum Boarium.HistoryIt was built in the 6th century and dedicated to St Theodore of Amasea, on the ruins of the Horrea Agrippiana, probably reusing a pre-existing circular temple. Tradition has it that the temple was dedicated to Romulus, and that the Capitoline She-wolf was kept here until 1471, before being moved to the Lateran; an ancient altar is preserved and visible in the church courtyard. The mosaic in the apse is also from the 6th century, and depicts Christ seated on an orb representing the heavens, flanked by Peter and Paul and the martyrs Theodore (an addition due to Pope Nicholas V's restoration) and Cleonicus: Christ wears a black robe with golden laticlavi, symbols of high status in Roman society. Traditionally, the church is considered one of the original seven deacons: the first deacon is said to have been assigned by Pope Agathon in 678, while the first deacon known by name is Robert, around 1073. The dedication to a Greek saint would confirm that the church was built at a time of Byzantine influence.

Very characteristic is the Good Friday ceremony, which takes place in the church by the Confraternity of the 'Sacconi rossi', who have their headquarters here.
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