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Typology: Monuments


Address: Via Appia Pignatelli, 65
Zone: Quartiere Appio Pignatelli (Roma sud)
A circa 1 km dall'inizio della via Appia Pignatelli, sulla sinistra si stacca il vicolo di S. Urbano che conduce alla chiesa di S. Urbano posta all'interno di una proprietà privata.


Opening times

The church can be visited only during organised tours.
Please check the section events in the programme or contact directly the Municipal Monuments Department.


This is an ancient temple built, converted into a church in the ninth century, overlooking the valley of the River Almone, today the Valley of the Caffarella.
The building’s current look may be attributed to radical restructuring undertaken in 1934 during the papal reign of Urban VIII, who had a brick wall added between the  columns (once part  of a portico) as well as a  bell tower erected on top of the roof.
Originally it was a small prostyle temple, tetrastyle in brick, dedicated to the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, with four columns embedded in its façade and an architrave made of pentelic marble.

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