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Typology: Non Parish Church


Address: Via del Quirinale, 30
Zone: Rione Trevi (Quirinale-Tritone-Barberini) (Roma centro)
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Telephone: +39 06 4874565

Opening times

Open 09:00am-12:00pm 03:00pm-06:00pm
Closed Monday

Orario Messe:
Sunday: 10.30am

Durante la celebrazione della S. Messa non è possibile visitare la chiesa


SANT'ANDREA IN QUIRINALE The church of Sant'Andrea al Quirinale was built by Gian Lorenzo Bernini for Cardinal Camillo Pamphili, nephew to Pope Innocenzo X, during the second half of 1600. A very elegant curvilinear protirus with two columns, burdened by a coat of arms, precedes the simple façade with a single order, framed by pilaster strips and crowned by a tympanum. The interior, splendid for marbles, gilts and stuccoes, with an elliptical plan with the transversal major axis, is a masterpiece of architectural, decorative and pictorial harmony. The apse is preceded by two couples of columns surmounted by a concave pediment, which follows the curve of the dome and includes a big statue of Sant'Andrea, by Raggi.

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