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Typology: Non Parish Church


Address: Via dei Pettinari, 51
Zone: Rione Regola (Campo de' Fiori-Piazza Farnese) (Roma centro)


Telephone: 06 68194601

Opening times

For the timetable of the masses and visiting conditions, please consult the contacts.


S. SALVATORE IN ONDA The church owes its denomination to thecontinuous inundations of the Tiber. Already recalled in 1127, it has laterbeen modified a few times. In 1260 it was restored by Cesario Cesarini; in theearly C. XV it was entrusted to the Monaci di S. Paolo Eremita and later on tothe Frati Francescani Minori Conventuali, in 1445. In 1844 the church wasdefinitively entrusted to the Padri Pallottini who used it to establish theheadquarters for the Società dell'Apostolato Cattolico. The tripartitefaçade embodies an entry portal surmounted by an empty squaring and asemicircular window. All of this is crowned by a triangular tympanum. The interior, restored between 1860 and 1878 byLuca Carimini, consists of three naves divided by two lines of antique columnsmade of different types of marble. A stairwell under the presbytery leads tothe crypt, where one can find ruins from a building from C. II.
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