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Typology: Small Basilica


Address: Via di Porta Latina, 17
Zone: Rione Celio (Terme di Caracalla) (Roma centro)
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Telephone: 06 70475938

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Before the church of San Giovanni a Porta Latina, founded in the fifth century, is a picturesque and secluded churchyard, shaded by a big citron and with a medieval well between two columns. The church was rebuilt in 700 and restored in 1191. It is one of the nicest Roman churches. The Medieval church is supported by classic columns while the bell-tower, dated C.XII, is absolutely splendid. A recent restoration has brought back to the church its evocative medieval aspect. On the façade a porch opens up, with five arcades having marble and granite columns with Ionian capitals. On top are three windows and a slender Romanesque six-story bell-tower with triple lancet windows. Under the porch and inside the bell-tower are tombstones and Roman fragments, early christian slabs and fragments of medieval frescoes. Inside the church are frescoes with fourty-six different scenes from the Old and the New Testament, dating back to the 12th century.

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