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The RIF Museum of the Suburbs is a project of Roma Capitale, Azienda Speciale Palaexpo, Municipio VI.

Conceived and directed by Giorgio de Finis, RIF aims to shine a spotlight on the theme of the suburbs as part of a broader analysis of the urban phenomenon on a global scale.
The aim of the museum of contemporary art and its multidisciplinary study centre is to deepen our knowledge of the metropolises of the third millennium, but above all to imagine and contribute to the creation, through artistic and relational practices, of a fairer, more participatory and inclusive city: the city of all.

While waiting for a definitive location (the building will be constructed by private individuals, as a work in lieu of payment, in Via dell'Archeologia in Tor Bella Monaca), its activities are online with a calendar of lectures held every Sunday at the Teatro di Tor Bella Monaca (rooms 1 and 2), and a series of 'Self-mapping' meetings of spaces and projects created in the capital's suburbs, preparatory to the creation of a 'Guide to the Suburbs of Rome', held weekly on Wednesdays at the Melissa Bassi school in Via dell'Archeologia 139.

The classrooms made available by the school will also host meetings on the progress of the art project promoted by RIF "ROMO" (Romolo + reMO), twinning between neighbourhoods in the centre and in the suburbs, entrusted to relational artists who from time to time will propose a "device" to encourage encounters between parts of the city that often do not know each other and do not frequent each other.

Site-specific art projects and interventions are also planned in the Municipio VI area, starting with the three murals planned for Block R8 in Largo Ferruccio Mengaroni.

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