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Closed for restoration

Closed for restoration


Indirizzo: Via Alessandro Guidoni, 35  Fiumicino-Aeroporto

The Museum of the Roman Ships was founded between 1965 and 1979 and exhibits the ruins of four mercantile ships, of a small fishing boat, and fragments of other hulls. The boats were discovered starting from 1958 in the ancient Port of Claudius (42-66 AD), during the Leonardo Da Vinci Airport reconstruction works. The port was covered with sand and debris conveyed by the Tiber and the sea currents. The small fishing boat still represents a unicum as far as this type of boats is concerned. In fact it presents a small basin with holes at its center to let the sea water flow inside in order to keep the fishes caught alive until they were brought ashore and sold. The halls exhibit also materials used on board, such as amphorae and pieces of riggings, fragments of sarchofagi, and architectural elements, such as the capital coming from the portico of the Port of Claudius. There is also a plastic model of the port coming from the Torlonia collection. The exhibition path is provided with didactic panels that provide information on the excavation of the Port, the discovery of the ships, the construction techniques of ancient ships, and with geographic maps showing the main routes of the ancient times.


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