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Address: Via dell'Arcadia, 20
Zone: Quartiere Ardeatino (Roma sud)
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Telephone: 06 5141861

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Along a historical path are exhibited about seventy examples of cars and motorcycles in use by the State Police in the last seventy years, from the first "Volanti", whose institution dates back to September 1, 1945, to the famous Alfa Romeo 1900 Speciale so-called "Pantera", to the legendary black Ferrari 250 GTE supplied to the Questura di Roma from 1963 to 1973, driven by the legendary Maresciallo Armando Spatafora, and finally the famous Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Super. "Pantera", to the legendary black Ferrari 250 GTE used by the Rome Police Headquarters from 1963 to 1973, driven by the legendary Maresciallo Armando Spatafora, to the famous Alfa Romeo Giulia Super, which in the collective imagination has represented, for almost twenty years (1964-1983), in many films, the stereotype of the police car.
Famous cars, legendary "steering wheels" and motorcycles: from the 1930s to today. An itinerary that reviews the most significant moments of Italian society through the cars and motorcycles of the State Police exhibited in a pavilion of the former Fiera di Roma.

The Museum of State Police Cars houses about seventy examples of cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and even a "snowmobile" that have made the history and customs of the Police and Italy. Vehicles that have become famous, such as the jeeps of the post-war period or the Moto Guzzi of the Traffic Police.

There are many restored models, all with original pieces, finally ready for the "showcase" they deserve. Among these is the legendary "Pantera" of Marshal Armando Spatafora, a black '62 Ferrari 250 GTE, the only example among the police force in the world.

Trained in Maranello by Ferrari test drivers, Spatafora in the '60s sped through the streets of the capital in pursuit of bandits, equipped with cars faster than those of the Mobile Squad. The policemen then thought of launching themselves in pursuit of the criminals with a 240-horsepower racing car that could reach 240 kilometers per hour! It was the Ferrari with the license plate Police 29444, which legend has it that its marshal-driver also drove up the Spanish Steps.

In all, about seventy "jewels" - of which visitors can take a close look at the technical characteristics - and which are, in a certain sense, the symbol of our history from the 1930s to the present day.

One area of the museum is dedicated to the display of some historical memorabilia, helmets, boots, caps, paddles, two-way radios and other equipment that police officers used from the 1960s onwards.

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