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Address: Piazza del Campidoglio, 1
Zone: Rione Campitelli (Foro Romano- Campidoglio-P.Venezia) (Roma centro)
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Disabled access: Via del Tempio di Giove
Zone: Rione Campitelli (Foro Romano- Campidoglio-P.Venezia) (Roma centro)
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In Via del Tempio di Giove una rampa porta all'ingresso nel Portico del Vignola, che immette nel I piano del Palazzo dei Conservatori. Per utilizzare questo accesso è necessario telefonare allo 06 67102071.


Telephone: 0039 060608 tutti i giorni dalle 9.00 alle 21.00
Fax: 0039 06 6785488
Email: eventi.aziendali@zetema.it per eventi speciali
Telephone booking: Per gruppi e scuole 060608 tutti i giorni 9.00-21.00. Con la prenotazione è possibile evitare la fila presentandosi direttamente alla cassa.

Opening times

Tuesday-Sunday: 9.00 am - 8.00 pm;
24 and 31 December: 9.00 am - 2.00 pm
Last admission 1 hour before closing time.
Closed: Monday, January 1, December 25, May 1

The Capitoline Café and the Caffarelli Terrace follow the same opening times as the museum, info and reservations: +39 06 69190564


From 27 May to 14 September 2014:
"Museum + Exhibition (1564-2014 MICHELANGELO. Incontrare un artista universale," Combined Ticket: 
- Adults: € 15,00; 
- Concessions: € 13,00; 
- Ridottissimo special price: € 2,00*; 
Roman Citizens only (by showing a vaild ID): 
- Adults: € 13,00; 
- Concessions: € 11,00;
- Ridottissimo special price: € 2,00*;
* Please note: According to the Municipal by-law, due to the exceptionality of the exhibition, people usually entitled to free admission must purchase a € 2,00 concessionary ticket.
Free admission is granted to children under 6 years, groups of elementary and (lower) middle schools, to visitors with disabilities and a family member, or a carer who can prove that they belong to social and health care services, and RomaPass holders (if used to access the first 2 sites).
"Capitoline Museums + Centrale Montemartini + Exhibition 1564-2014 MICHELANGELO. Incontrare un artista universale" Combined Ticket (valid 7 days): 
- Adults: € 16,00; 
- Concessions: € 14,00; 
Roman Citizens only (by showing a vaild ID): 
- Adults: € 15,00; 
- Concessions: € 13,00;

Please note: during cultural events and exhibitions, the price of tickets may vary. Some temporary exhibitions may have an added cost to the ticket, even for visitors entitled to gratuity. Always check, at the time of your visit, the fee of the museum on the official website. These fees include the Tourism Tax, where applicable.           

Concessions and free of charge conditions: http://en.museiincomuneroma.it/informazioni_pratiche/biglietti 
For other concessions, please vist our Agreements page: http://en.museiincomuneroma.it/informazioni_pratiche/convenzioni
Booking: http://en.museicapitolini.org/informazioni_pratiche/prenotazioni
Booking for individual visitors is available only when purchasing online tickets. If you book in advance you can skip the line by going directly to the ticket window.
Online tickets
Just show your printed receipt at turnstiles of the Capitoline Museums and the Ara Pacis Museum; no need to go to the ticket office.
In all other museums show your printed receipt at the ticket office (without standing in line) and get your tickets.
Additional booking fee: € 1,00.
Other services
 - Braille guide books
 Guide books, edited by the Directorate of the Capitoline Museums in collaboration with the Associazione Museum, itineraries for blind and visually impaired visitors, with texts, maps and drawings legibly printed with transparent Braille overlays:
 - “Palazzo Nuovo. I capolavori di scultura antica”
 Edited by Marina Mattei, Ivelise Schiavoncini, Giuseppina Simili, Maria Poscolieri
 Silvio Zamorani editore, Torino 2004 (funded by “Amici dei Musei di Roma”)
 - “Palazzo dei Conservatori. L'Appartamento”
 Edited by Maria Dell’Era, Giuseppina Simili, Maria Poscolieri
 Silvio Zamorani editore, Torino 2005 (with financial support of the Culture department of the Region of Lazio)
 - “Galleria Lapidaria. Messaggi dalla pietra”
 Edited by Daniela Velestino, Giuseppina Simili, Maria Poscolieri
 Silvio Zamorani editore, Torino 2007
Books are available free for use to all visitors, on request at tel. +39 0667102071.

- Educational activities
Specialized tours (including touch and described tours for the visually impaired) are available during major exhibitions.

- Audioguide
In Italian, English, French, German, Spanish: € 5.00.
Audio guides for children (recommended age: 6-12 years) in Italian and English:  € 4,00.

- Radioguide® whisper
€ 1,50 per person. Service provided by Zètema Progetto Cultura

- Cloakroom
 Free cloakroom facilities for bags, backpacks, pushchairs and umbrellas.

- Bookshop
The Capitoline Bookshop is located in the Palazzo dei Conservatori.
The general public can visit it directly from Piazza del Campidoglio. It is not only an important reference point for visitors to the Museums but also for tourists who climb the Capitoline Hill and in general for all those who frequent art bookshops. The titles in stock are mainly art publications and have an educational and scientific purpose; they also include multi-media works.

- Capitoline Café
The Capitoline Café is situated inside Palazzo Caffarelli behind Palazzo dei Conservatori; entrance can be gained both from Piazzale Caffarelli and from inside the Museum itself.
In addition to a comfortable inner lounge, the Café also offers visitors the chance to look out over the rooftops of Rome and to discover the secrets of the Capital's domes from the splendid Caffarelli Terrace. Open from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.
Info and booking: +39 06 69190564

Payment: All Credit Cards Accepted, Debit Cards

Agreement with

Roma Pass
What the agreement provides:

Roma Pass: free of charge presenting a valid Roma Pass as one of the two free amissions included in the pass. A concessionary ticket is granted if used for the third museum onwards.

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Scheduled events

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The origin of the Capitoline Museums dates back to the donation of the Lateran Bronzes by Pope Sixtus the Fifth in 1471 to the Roman People. Other ancient findings coming from urban excavations and in the second half of the sixteenth century a group of sculptures donated by Pious the Fifth were added. After the Albani collection was also acquired, Pope Clement the Twelfth opened the Museums to the public in 1734. The picture-gallery was created in 1750. Other archaeological findings were added after the excavations performed at the end of the past century.
Currently the museum spaces include:
  • New Palace – It keeps the collections of ancient marble and bronze sculptures, including the busts of Roman philosophers and emperors and famous statues, such as the Dying Galatian, the Esquiline Venus, Marforius, and Marcus Aurelius, the group of statues of the temple of Apollo Sosianus (fifth century BC). The Greek and Etruscan vases from the Castellani collection and an epigraphic collection are also exhibited.
  • Palazzo dei Conservatori-Clementino – The apartments of the Palace of Conservatives – Clementine are decorated with important cycles of frescos (sixteenth-seventeenth century) relative to the ancient history of Rome. Important bronze sculptures of the ancient art (the Spinario, the Capitoline She-wolf, the Capitoline Brutus, and the Colossal head of Constantine) and baroque art (the statue of Urban the Eighth and the Head of Medusa by Bernini, the statue of Innocent the Tenth by Algardi). Important eighteenth century tapestries of Roman manufacture are exhibited in the Throne Room. Instead the picture-gallery exhibits fourteenth-eighteenth century paintings, such as the Good Luck and Saint John the Baptist by Caravaggio; the Baptism of Christ by Titian; the Finding of Romulus and Remus by Rubens; the Rape of the Sabine Women and the Triumph of Bacchus by Pietro DaCortona. There is also a remarkable collection of eighteenth- nineteenth century porcelains.
  • Palazzo Caffarelli – This space is dedicated to temporary exhibitions.


Corporate Events: eventi.aziendali@zetema.it

HERITY certification: www.herity.it/33596-a.html


Educational activities

Visits for groups on request to the museum and/or the exhibition
hours: on request
languages: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish
persons: max 30
duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
price: € 90,00 + € 10,00 mandatory Radioguide® (in collaboration with Vox Tours)
booking: required

School visits
Guided tours and workshops for school groups.
School groups are welcome but must be chaperoned by a minimum of one teacher per 30 students.

Guided tours for blind or visually impaired visitors: didattica@zetema.it
For further info, please call tel. +39 060608, daily 9.00 am - 9.00 pm.

Audio guide: € 5,00
Radioguide: € 1,50


Info and booking (schools and groups):
Tel. +39 060608, 9.00 am - 9.00 pm,  daily.


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