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Address: Viale Pola, 12
Zone: Quartiere Trieste (Roma nord)

Opening times

The Villa is private and not open to the public.
The headquarters of Luiss Guido Carli is owned by the university's sponsoring body (Aluiss).
Extraordinary openings are only foreseen during events such as "Ville di Roma a porte aperte" or other special events.


Remains of the property of Cardinal Giulio Alberoni (in 1722 he bought it as a vineyard and transformed it into his country villa).
The property extended for about 15 hectares; today two parts are preserved: the park of Villa Paganini and the garden inside Villa Alberoni, the current seat of the Luiss University.
In the garden is the spectacular nymphaeum, known as the "Tinello Alberoni".
The renovation work, which lasted three years, transformed the vineyard into a "House of Delight".

Historical notes
1752 Cardinal Alberoni dies
Heir: San Lazzaro College
1798: sale of the property to the Ardenti brothers (2 shopkeepers); from this moment on the villa passed from one owner to another
1860: Pietro Roesler Franz, the owner, extends it to 22 hectares
1874: the villa is sold to the Compagnia Fondiaria Italiana (Italian Land Company), which begins to subdivide the land for speculation purposes
Early 20th century: Count Lutzow, owner, sells it a few years later to the Municipality of Rome.
The municipality turns it into a public park, and also builds a small residential villa (Luiss headquarters)
Information on the final users of the villa is not very precise; it is not certain whether the building ever served as a "private residence".
Between 1940 and the early 1950s, the "Palazzina" became the seat of the Chinese Embassy
1956 the villa is stripped of its furnishings at public auction
1959 the property is purchased by the International Union Pro Deo
Subsequently, the construction of new classrooms and a lecture hall caused the disappearance of the Italian-style garden above, designed by engineer Bruno

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