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Typology: Bridges


Address: Ponte Milvio
Zone: Quartiere Parioli (Roma nord)
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Ponte Milvio was built in 109 B.C. by the Censor Marcus Aemilius Scaurus and althoughit was located "extra urbem", i.e. outside of the city walls, has always played a decisive role due to its strategic position between the important consular roads Flaminia, Cassia, Clodia, and Veientana. It was originally called "Mulvius", probably after the family that had commissioned it, and in the Middle Ages it was called "Mole" or"Mollo" (Soft) by the people. The latter name was probably due to the fact that the collapse of the central arch required the set up of a temporary wooden footbridge that swung dangerously when people crossed it. The famous battle between Constantine and Maxentius in312 A.D. took place at Ponte Milvio. In the nineteenth century, by will of Pope Pious the Seventh the architect Valadier designed its restoration, replacing the draw bridges and building a fortified gate on the north side of the bridge. In 1849 it was destroyed by order of Garibaldi to impede the advance of the French Army. From that time on several works were performed on the bridge turning it into a pedestrian crossing.

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