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Address: Piazza John Kennedy, 1
Zone: Quartiere Europa EUR (Roma sud)
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Telephone: 39 06 54513705
Telephone: 39 06 54513800

Opening times

Open only during cultural events.

Guided tours upon reservation: p.pederiva@romaeur.it

Scheduled events

Roma Travel Show (Manifestations) from 2020-01-31 to 2020-02-02


Palazzo dei Congressi is one of the most representative and majestic examples of rationalist architecture. Designed by architect Adalberto Libera, since decades it is the ideal location for any sort of event, ranging from fairs to congresses, conferences and exhibitions. Its large and versatile marble finished spaces can be reconfigured to suit a variety of specific needs and its unique beauty lies in a perfect marriage of modern and classic styles.

The Salone della Cultura is a 38-metre cube surmounted by a cross-vaulted dome and flanked by two wide columned arcades.
It is an example of rationalist architecture, characterized by its generous spaces and their versatility, its marbles and the harmonic proportions created by the vaulted sealing and the balconies. The ceiling is equipped to support suspended beam systems. The building enjoys ample natural light but can be darkened.
The Auditorium has been outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment for the staging of events ranging from cinema to fashion shows, music and theatre, and completes the already ample conference facilities. Its DL.2 Digital Light system allows for the transmission of moving images and graphic effects, and two Kinoton® professional projectors ensure image stability and lighting uniformity. A third digital projector handles Blu Ray and D-Cinema and is also set up for 3D; audio is DolbySurround®, and the partially mobile stage is extendable to approximately 140 m2. The Auditorium also has motorised projection screen (12m x 7m) and a second fixed one, 4 simultaneous translation booths, a directors booth and 4 motorised suspended beams for lighting and other needs.
The spacious foyers of the Palazzo dei Congressi are adjacent to the main halls and can easily serve as participant registration areas, exhibition spaces or refreshment areas, and are further enhanced by the works of major Italian 20th century artists such as Achille Funi and Gino Severini, can host elegant gala dinners.
The spectacular 3065-square-metre terrace, is the ideal setting for gala dinners and musical or theatrical events. It includes a wide space for evenings under the stars (1085 m2), hanging gardens and open-air theatre (1980 m2).

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