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Typology: Buildings


Address: Monte de' Cenci, 17-20-21
Zone: Rione Regola (Campo de' Fiori-Piazza Farnese) (Roma centro)
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Closed to the public; the building is visible only from the outside


The palace was the property of the family of Beatrice Cenci, who was accused together with her brothers and stepmother of witchcraft and the murder of their father. She was sentenced to death and beheaded at Ponte Sant'Angelo in 1599. Much of the medieval palace has been demolished and the present building dates from 1570. A medieval arch connects the palace to the Palazzetto Cenci designed by Martino Longhi the Elder. Inside there is a traditional courtyard with a loggia in Ionic style, the rooms have decorations from the 16th century.
The building is characterised by a sober flat ashlar façade, in which a large architraved portal opens, connected to a 17th-century factory, also belonging to the Cenci family complex.
Palazzo Cenci, called during the late Middle Ages "Campus Iudaeorum" (Campo dei Giudei), housed many Roman Jews who moved here from Trastevere, following the fire of 1268 that had destroyed the ancient Synagogue.


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