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Typology: Fountains


Address: Piazza Testaccio
Zone: Rione Testaccio (Roma centro)
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The fountain of the Anfore (Amphorae) was built in 1926 by the architect Pietro Lombardi. It was originally placed in Piazza Mastro Giorgio (today Piazza Testaccio). When the square became the site of the local market, as it still is today, the fountain of the Amphorae was moved to its current location in Piazza dell’Emporio in front of Ponte Sublicio. The fountain has a circular planand consists of four flights of concentric steps culminating in the elegant central group made with amphorae. The amphorae clearly allude to the nearby mountain of fragments of pottery that was formed in the course of centuries by the accumulation of the broken amphorae coming from the river port of Ripagrande.

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