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Address: Piazza della Rocca
Zone: Ostia Antica (Roma sud)


Scheduled events

Il Palio di Ostia Antica (Manifestations) from 2022-05-21 to 2022-09-25


The original settlement was founded in 830 by Gregory IV who had houses built by a very high wall and a ditch to defend the inhabitants from the Saracen.

It thus took the name of Gregoriopoli from its founder who instigated these fortifications. The village served as a home for the workers of the salt mines along the Via Ostiense.
In the 15th century, the fortifications were further extended by Martino V through the construction of a large tower now incorporated into the castle. He also dug a moat into which the Tiber’s waters entered. For some centuries it constituted the vanguard of the defences of Rome against Saracen incursions.

In 1483 the fortress was completely restructured by Giuliano della Rovere, Bishop of Ostia, who had the moat widened around the tower and had a gate house built to further protecting access. It had an imposing 24 metres high look-out tower at the centre of the polygonal bastion and the fortifications could now once again be deemed safe from incursions.

In 1587 an extraordinary flood deviated the course of the Tiber leaving the moat around the wall dry. Then with developments in military technology the castle lost purpose and fell to ruin. It was used as a stable and deposit by the few farmers and shepherds of the area.

The castle and village were restored in the 1900s and now constitute, together with the neighbouring archaeological digs, a very interesting area to visit.


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