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Typology: Monuments


Address: Via Nomentana, 917
Zone: Quartiere Monte Sacro (Roma nord)
altezza ex Casa Cantoniera


Telephone: 060608 tutti i giorni dalle 9.00 alle 19.00

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Visible only from the outside


The monument is located on the left of the via Nomentana, km 9,200, at Aguzzano. It owes it name to the Cecchini family, owner in the 16th century of the land where the building is located. It is a shrine-shaped tomb in yellow and red bricks with a two level rooms. It dates back to the age of Antoninus (mid II century AD) and its front is embellished with festoon between two little windows, originally framed by pillars supporting a tympanum. On the exterior side walls we can see the traces of the stairs that led to the upper floor. The lower room’s ceiling is cross vaulted, the upper room is stuccoed with flower motifs, draped female figures and landscape scenes with a circular building. In the rooms there are some semi-circular and rectangular niches.

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