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Typology: Monuments


Address: Viale Monte Oppio
Zone: Rione Monti (Colosseo-S.Giovanni-S.Maria Maggiore) (Roma centro)
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Placed on the top of Colle Oppio, these thermal baths were built by Traiano in 109 AD on the project of Apollodoro di Damasco, the most famous architect of that era. It is known that these thermal baths, also used by women, were still in use during the IV and V century.The structure was on a surface of almost one square kilometre, on the south side of the hill, on a terrace that was partly on the Domus Aurea. On the walking part of the thermal baths a large enclosure with an exedra included a green area, in the centre of which there was the actual thermal building with specular rooms on the side of a central axis. Various colossal ruins of the thermal complex can still be visible nowadays: of the external enclosure are still preserved the NE, SW and part of the SE exedrae, apart from the grand central hemicycle on the SW side which is still perfectly preserved on the lower level. The ruins of the NW exedra are preserved in the cellars of the buildings in Via in Selci 79b. Of the central body there is part of the structure inside the park : the exedra and the eastern gymnasium, the apse of the room on the South side and part of the walling of the basilica reused as a hunting lodge by the Brancaccio family.
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