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Typology: Monuments


Address: Viale dei Romagnoli, 717
Zone: Ostia Antica (Roma sud)
All'interno degli scavi di Ostia Antica


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Can be visited during the opening hours of the archaeological site

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The original layout of the theatre dates back to the age of Augustus. It is a Roman theatre completely built in masonry, of which the remains of both the stage building and the cavea (or steps) are preserved. The cavea is built on imposing substructures that outlined a series of tabernae and a semicircular ambulatory that constituted the external elevation of the building.
The construction was made of square tufa in the stage and the outer ambulatory and of opus reticulatum in the inner parts.
The theatre was enlarged and almost completely rebuilt during the Severan period, when another tier of steps was added to the top of the cavea and the axial entrance was built.
Of the original structure we can still see some sections in opus reticulatum used in the side aisles leading to the orchestra and some rows of the blocks that formed the back wall of the stage; the later reconstructions were made in brickwork.
Both the steps and the central part of the outer façade were completely rebuilt during the restoration work carried out on the monument between the end of the 1920s and the end of the 1930s.



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