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Typology: Monuments


Address: Piazza Elio Callistio
Zone: Quartiere Trieste (Roma nord)
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Telephone: 0039 06 060608 tutti i giorni 9.00-19.00

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The monument can be visited from the outside only.


The tomb of Aelius Callistion, also known as the "Devil’s Chair", is situated in the square having the same name in the surroundings of via Nomentana, near the Church of Santa Agnese. The tomb, dated back to the middle of the second century AD, is a two-story“temple”-type building. The entire facade of the tomb collapsed, while the three sides are still in good condition. Externally the monument belongs to the usual brick type. The attribution of the tomb to a certain Aelius Callistion, a freed man (a freed slave) of emperor Hadrian appears to be controversial eventoday.
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