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Address: Via Appia Antica, 42
Zone: Quartiere Appio Latino (Roma sud)


Telephone: Parco Regionale dell’Appia Antica 06 5126314 - 06 5135316

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A suggestive setting where naturalistic aspects and important archaeological monuments blend in perfect harmony, elements that have always characterised this area of the Roman countryside between Rome and the Castelli Romani and which has inspired famous artists and writers.  
In order to safeguard and enhance this immense historical and natural heritage, the Appian Way Park has been established. Its main point of reference is the Appian Way, the most important and famous road of ancient Rome, defined by the ancients as the Queen of roads.
The park covers an area of approximately 3,500 hectares, including the Via Appia and its vicinity for a stretch of 16 kilometres, the Caffarella Valley, the archaeological area of the Via Latina and the Aqueduct Park. Three municipalities are involved in the Appia Antica Park: Rome, Ciampino and Marino. The first section of the park begins at the Aurelian walls, where the Via Appia exits through the Porta S. Sebastiano gate. From here to the Belvedere of Cecilia Metella, the road is closed off on both sides by the boundary walls of the great post-Renaissance aristocratic estates; this is the road through the vineyards described in Nolli's map of 1748. It is also home to some of the most important Christian catacombs, including those of St Callistus and St Sebastian.
The stretch between the Circus of Maxentius, the mausoleum of Cecilia Metella and the Grande Raccordo Anulare (ring road) is rich in archaeological evidence consisting mainly of the monumental tombs along the road, of which the original paving stones have been preserved for long stretches. Between the Via Appia Antica and the Via Appia Nuova there is also the imposing complex of the Villa dei Quintili.
After the Raccordo Anulare, the landscape opens up to the large estates of the Agro Romano as far as the Castelli Romani. After crossing the border of the territory of Roma Capitale, the territory of the Park enters the municipalities of Ciampino and Marino up to the junction of Frattocchie, where the Appia Antica joins the via Appia Nuova; in this area are the remains of the ancient Latin city of Boville. Another aspect of the landscape of the Agro Romano is offered by the so-called area of the aqueducts, between the via Appia Nuova and the via Tuscolana and characterised by the presence of the large surviving arches of the aqueducts that brought water to Rome from the nearby hills, admirable engineering works of the ancient Romans.
Here, as centuries ago, flocks of sheep can still be seen grazing around the impressive arches of the aqueducts, in an unparalleled rural landscape. Another important element is the archaeological park of the Via Latina, characterised by the presence of numerous monumental tombs, preserved along the stretch of the ancient Via Latina.
The headquarters of the Parco dell'Appia Antica, the starting point for guided tours, is located in the premises of the former Cartiera Latina (Via Appia Antica 42). The Via Appia is closed to traffic on public holidays and is the ideal place for walks or bicycle rides to discover an immense natural, historical and artistic heritage that is truly unique in the world.
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