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Telephone: Comunità Montana Castelli Romani e Prenestini 06 9470820 - 06 9470944
Web site: www.tuscolo.org
Email: prenotazioni@tuscolo.org - Comunità montana: info@cmcastelli.it
Mobile phone: ATS Tusculum info e prenotazioni 391 4225048

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Tusculum Archaeological and Cultural Park

Wedged between the municipalities of Montecompatri, Monte Porzio, Frascati and Grottaferrata, the area of Tusculum is the historical and cultural heart of the Castelli Romani. Today, throughout the territory there are overlapping archaeological traces of different historical periods, which mark the events of the important Latin city, from its pre-Roman origin until its destruction in 1191.

The origins of Tusculum are lost in the legend that attributes its foundation to Telegono, the mythical son of Ulysses and the sorceress Circe. What is certain is that the first traces of human settlements date back to the Middle Bronze Age, around the 14th century BC.

In a short time Tusculum became one of the most important cities of the Latin League, which fiercely opposed the expansionism of the power of Rome, from which it was defeated in the famous battle of Lake Regillo in 496 BC.

By now under Roman rule, Tusculum became the favourite summer residence of emperors, senators and famous writers, inaugurating a tradition that continues to this day. Among the most famous villas are those of Sulla Cicero, Lucullus, Tiberius and Matidia.


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