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Typology: Monuments


Address: Via Aurelia Antica, 111
Zone: Quartiere Aurelio (Roma ovest)


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Closed to the public


The area of Villa Doria Pamphilj has numerous sepulchral buildings originally displayed along the ancient via Aurelia, maybe due to the neighbouring and popular district of Trastevere. In the area of the necropolis, now open to the public, there are many remains of family columbaria of middling size and a bigger columbarium with more than 500 niches, discovered at the beginning of the XIX century. The frescos that decorated the walls are kept in the storehouse of the Museo Nazionale delle Terme. Recent excavations made in 1984 have brought to light a columbarium with hundreds of niches. The underground space is formed by a central room and two smaller lateral rooms with a barrel vault and entrance steps. The white walls are decorated in the spaces between the niches with wreaths, plants, birds, fruit-pieces, architectural representations of gardens and grotesques. Above, are scenes related to the history and legend of Rome. In one of the smallest room are scenes with animals or Pygmies fighting with cranes or riding rams. Under each niche is a table where the name of the deceased was inscribed or painted.
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