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Address: Viale Vaticano, 100
Zone: Quartiere Aurelio (Roma ovest)
Ingresso dall'entrata dei Musei Vaticani / Uscita da Porta S. Anna in via di Porta Angelica


Opening times

Online booking is required through the Vatican Museums website.
Languages ​​available for the visit: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German.

The archaeological site is currently not accessible to people in wheelchairs or with mobility problems.


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Discovered in 2003 during the excavations for the construction of Santa Rosa parking lot, inside the Vatican City, the Via Trimphalis necropolis is the continuation of the “Autoparco”, dug up in the 1950s and open to the public.

During the excavation, many sepulchral buildings and single graves were found, marked by engraved memorial stones, stelae, altars and slabs. Many tombs have been found in excellent state of preservation and can be dated from the Augustan age (27 BC -14 AD) and the age of Constantine (306-337 AD).

Some buildings preserved their frescos and stuccos on the walls and interesting mosaic floors. Sarcophagi and altars decorated with excellent sculptures came to light.


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