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A monumental brick tomb, datable to the 4th century AD, which preserves imposing walls over ten metres high, with an apse and side niches, and the remains of the front access stairway. The building, investigated at the end of the 19th century by Rodolfo Lanciani with his brothers Giambattista and Bernardo Lugari, who had bought the land from Prince Alessandro Torlonia, owes its name to the episode mentioned in Christian sources, according to which the Saint's body was transported by the devout matron Marmenia to a building on her property along the consular road. Consequently, the villa behind the tomb was called domus Marmeniae and the mausoleum was attributed to St Urban.

The monument was accessed from a side road off the Appia Antica at the fourth mile, about twenty minutes' walk from the better known Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella and fifteen from the Casale di Santa Maria Nova and the Villa dei Quintili, in a strategic position for visiting the rich territory of the Park.

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