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Address: Via Prenestina, 351
Zone: Quartiere Collatino (Roma est)
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zona detta Tor de’ Schiavi


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The "Parco dei Gordiani", which takes its name from the imperial family (3rd c. AD) to which the property in the area is generally attributed, extends along both sides of via Prenestina. Excavations made from 1954 to 1960, revealed the existence of previous structures. The ruins of a late-republican villa were found, together leading to an atrium and a rustic area for storage houses and rooms for pressing. The construction of the villa, the primitive centre of the whole complex, was recovered during the Caesarean age, and constructions were added later. After a time, probably the late imperial age, the complex was rebuilt again with different forms and dimensions. It was almost entirely in brickwork and these new structures were separate from the villa but connected to it by a long portico.
Two large cisterns and a number of wall accessories were found at the western extremity of the site. The earlier cistern, situated at the north, has only one nave. The other one is larger, based on a squared plan, divided into two naves. It can be seen that these constructions were restored later. A large octagonal hall, covered by a cupola and with a brickwork facade, is located to the south of the cisterns. The building seems to have been a monumental entry room which lead into the complex of the villa. It may be placed at the beginning of the 2nd c. AD according to its characteristics. In the middle ages, a guard tower was built above the monument, the remains of which are still visible. Several tombs, from between the end of the first century BC and the first century AD, line via Prenestina. At the corner of via Olevano Romano, there is a columbarium among them. It is a vaulted structure, with various types of niches and frescoes remaining on its walls. A large, cistern from the Antonian age, one of the visible structures in the park, can be found just south of via Prenestina.
Please note: the monuments are fenced and not accessible.
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