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Address: Via Cristoforo Colombo, s.n.c.
Zone: Quartiere Ardeatino (Roma sud)
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The cistern, which was restored in 1992,  dates back to the 1st-2nd century AD and it was discovered towards the end of the 30s. At the  time it was at first thought to be a temple or funerary monument and it was only later correctly identified as a water tank although the aqueduct that supplied it remained unknown.

There is another, circular building next to the cistern that dates back to 225 AD, inside which there are four pillars built against the walls and a fifth central column too.  As there is no paving and there is no direct access to the cistern from it, the implication is that the building acted as a service area for a water system used to irrigate the agricultural lands of a nearby villa, the remains of which were uncovered on a nearby hill situated between Via Padre Semeria and Via Padre Giuliani. 
A fragment of a sarcophagus that had been reused in the roof of the cistern along with the many stone shards bearing funerary inscriptions found inside it bear witness to the fact that this area was also home to a burial ground in use between the 2nd - 4th centuries AD.

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