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Address: Via di Casal Bianco
Zone: Settecamini (Roma est)
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Via Tiburtina Km 13,850-14,180



The original name Settecamini is very recent (mid-1800s): in the Middle Ages the place was called 'Campo dei Sette Fratelli' or 'Forno dei Septe Fratri', referring to the legend of Saint Sinforosa and her seven sons.

It later took the name Osteria del Forno because of the farmhouse of the same name located south of the Via Tiburtina, today known as Casale di Settecamini (built in the second half of the 16th century). These, together with the other historic farmhouse of Forno Casale, flank the Via Tiburtina at Via di Casal Bianco and Via di Salone.

On Via di Casal Bianco stands a small late-baroque church dedicated to St. Francis (18th century): in the area behind it are visible the remains of a section of the Via Tiburtina Antica and a square, both paved; along the southern side of the ancient road a complex of structures developed, which currently occupy the south-western sector of the excavated area.

The complex has been identified as a post station: a portico opening onto a paved square and a rectangular courtyard with a central well, accessed through two entrances connected by a semicircular corridor, can be recognised.

The building technique used (opus reticulatum) and the partially preserved mosaic flooring suggest an initial dating to the late Republican age (1st century B.C.), with a continuity of certain frequentations at least until the 5th century.

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