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Typology: Left luggage office



Cost: from €1.00 to €10.00


After the success in New York, London and Copenhagen and, recently, in Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon, LuggageHero is now in Rome with its simple and safe luggage storage network , with over 50 collection and delivery points, to which many more will be added.                                                                                          If you want to make a reservation, go to https://luggagehero.com/it/roma/, find a store, café or licensed premises, reserve a space and deposit your luggage. The storage points are located near the main tourist attractions, central areas and the most important transport hubs.

Details on how it works:

-No download required. To deposit luggage, users can visit https://luggagehero.com/it/roma/, choose a storage point and make a reservation.

-Start the on-site storage timer when you deliver your luggage and stop it when you pick it up. For those travelling without an internet connection, many points offer Wi-Fi (this is indicated on the map).

-You will not be charged any fees until you deliver your luggage.

-Fees are calculated per hour, with a reasonable upper limit on a daily basis. Baggage can be stored for several days.

-Security seals are applied to your baggage to ensure that it is always protected.

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