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The Romans affectionately call it Nasone and it is widespread in the capital with over 2,000 specimens. It is the fountain with a characteristic cylindrical shape installed in many squares and streets of the city. It is usually in cast iron, but some models are in travertine and there are rare examples such as the one with three dragon-shaped spouts dating back to 1872 in via della Cordonata, near via Nazionale. The drinking water they supply is the same as that distributed by Acea in the homes of the Romans for about 100 years. In the historical center of the capital over 200 nasoni are installed and about ninety fountains and artistic fountains from which drinking water always flows. Among the best known, we recommend the Barcaccia in Piazza di Spagna and the fountain embedded in the wall in via della Fontanella di Borghese.

Acea has always taken care of this precious historical and social heritage known all over the world, created to bring drinking water to the villages of the city.

The first way of reporting where to find water sources for drinking for free.

The promotion campaign is sponsored by the Municipality XIII and XV of the City of Rome, by the Presidency of the Council of the Lazio Region and the Province of Rome.

The goal is to reduce environmental pollution produced by the PET used for the conservation of mineral water, formulating a system of balance between use and restoration of natural resources.
Useful for finding the fountains that provide drinking water, in order to move with ease while visiting museums and attractions; contains information in several languages and will be distributed for free at the point of greatest tourist attractions: airports, train stations, subways, hotels, archaeological sites.

Among the many fountains, called nasone (big nose) because they resemble a person with a big nose, there are also some rare 'ancestors' cast-iron “cilindrotti”, placed after the unification of Italy. There are only three of the latter: one in Piazza del Pantheon, another in Via delle Tre Cannelle and the last in Via San Teodoro.
Moreover: drinking from a nasone (big nose), according to Ilaria Beltramme, as explained in the book she published with Newton Compton, is the first of the “One hundred and one things to do in Rome at least once in your life"


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